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Arulmigu Magudeshwarar & Veeranarayanapperumaal Temple

This temple is a Mummoorthi Temple and so containing the deities of Brahma, Magudeshwarar, Veeranarayanapperumaal. The Goddess part is Soundhraambigai. Lord Brahma of this temple has no goddess part.

The name of Mahavishnu in this temple is Veeranarayanapperumaal with the Goddess part called various names as Thirumangai Nachiyar and Mahalakshmi. Lord Magudeshwarar of destructive duty, Veeranarayanapperumaal of Protective duty and Brahma of creative duty are the trinity of Hindu spirituality system.

Sangameswarar Temple

Sangameswarar temple (also called Thirunana and Thirukooduthurai) is a temple in Bhavani, in the Erode district, of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple was built at the confluence of rivers Kaveri, Bhavani and the mystic Amutha (Agaya Gangai). The temple was praised in old Tamil literature as Thirunana. The place is also known as Dakshina Triveni Sangamam and Kooduthurai indicating the confluence of three rivers. Devotees perform last rites for ancestors on the riverbank and offer prayers at the Sangameshwarar temple.

Arulmigu Arthanareeswarar Temple

Tiruchengode (also known as "Thirukodi mada chengundroor " in vedic times) has many references in puranas, like Thevaram and Silapathikaram. In Silapathikaram, Ilango adigal referred Tiruchengode as "Chengodu " and that "it has numerous holy ponds and enjoys popularity and prosperity".

This temple has been praised by the Nayanmar Thirugnanasambandhar in his devotional hyman Devaram. Great poets and saints like Arunagirinathar, Ilango adigal, Kaviraja pandithar amongst others have enlogised this holy place in their divine poems. The idols of Birungi Munivar and Arunagirinathar are found inside the temple.